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Rust-Oleum Specialty, QT, White, Dry Erase Brush On Paint, Turns Almost Any Surface Into A Dry Erase Board, Can Be Applied To Wood, Metal, Masonry, Drywall, Plaster, Concrete, Hardboard, Low Odor, Soap & Water Clean Up, Covers 49 SQFT.

Posted 1/23/15 sjo


Scotch, 1.88" x 5 YD, Chalkboard Tape, 48 mm x 4.57m, Removable & Easy To Use, Just Cut, Peel & Stick, Write On With Chalk Not Included, Erase With A Tissue, Cloth Or Eraser, Refresh With A Wet Cloth, Tape Removes Cleanly & Easily, Recommended For Hard, Smooth Surfaces.

Scotch, 1.88" x 5 YD, Dry Erase Tape, 48 mm x 4.57m, Removable & Easy To Use, Just Cut, Peel & Stick, Write On With A Standard Dry Erase Marker Not Included, Erase With A Tissue, Cloth Or Dry Eraser, Tape Removes Cleanly & Easily, Recommended For Hard, Smooth Surfaces.

Posted 10/6/14 sjo

Forearm Forklift Adjustable Lifting Strap System For Easy Moving Of Furniture & Appliances, Encourages Proper Lifting Technique, Perfect Compliment To Dollies & Hand Trucks, Rated For Items Weighing Up To 600 LBS Patented Lifting Straps Made Of Super Strength Webbing Adjust Up To 48 Inches, For Moving Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large Items, Each Pack Comes With A Pair Of Straps, Overall Length Of Each Strap 9' 4".

Posted 8/30/14 sjo


6 OZ, Krylon Glowz, Glow In The Dark Spray Paint, High Night Visibility, Recharges With Exposure To Light.

Posted 7/19/14 sjo


Portable Induction Cooker With Pot, Energy Efficient, No Heat Loss To The Surrounding Area, More Energy Efficient Than Conventional Cooking, Uniform Heating With Instant & Accurate Control For Better Results, No Open Flames Or Hot Elements, Temperature Setting Range 80 To 240 Degrees, Power Setting Range 200W To 1300W.

Posted 7/15/14 sjo


Toland Art Flags for Home & Garden

Purse sized hand lotions in various scents. Great gifts too!


Fiberglass, Porcelain & Plastic Repair Kit is perfect for repairing small holes and cracks on porcelain, fiberglass, plastic and ceramic materials. Use it to repair nicks in toilet, sink, tile surrounds, spa tubs, figurines, bathtubs, shower stalls and more.

Posted 12/2/13 sjo

DeWalt DCN690 Brushless Framing Nailer



Posted 10/17/2013


18 OZ, NeverWet Multi-Purpose Spray Kit, Innovative Superhydrophobic Liquid Repelling Surface Treatment, Works On A Variety Of Surfaces Ranging From Metal, Wood, Fabric, Leather Etc. Interior Exterior, Sprays Clear Dries To A Flat Light Haze, Covers 10-15 SQFT.

Posted 8/30/13

posted 7/16/13


Four Seasons Courtyard, Mesh Camo Chair, With 2 Beverage Holders & Carry Bag, 275 LB Weight Rating,

35.5"W x 32.5D" x 37"H

Posted 7/13/13


6', Black Decorative Garden Torch, With Copper, Reservoir For Citronella Oil With Wick,

Citronella Oil Not Included

Posted 7/13/13


Local Maps for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Deleware, and Washington D.C. in atlas format and folded maps.

Posted 6/7/13

3ft, 4ft, and 5ft Cordzilla Stretch Rope with hook

Posted 3/16/13

24OZ RTU Deer Repellent

24OZ RTU Animal B Gon

GAL RTU Animal B Gon

QT Mole & Vole B Gon

5LB Mole & Vole B Gon

Posted 2/18/13


Oxiclean, 7 OZ, Dishwashing Booster

Boosts your dishwasher detergent to remove cloudy film, food particles, spots and streaks

If you have cloudy glassware, film on your silverware or streaky dishes it is not your dishwasher’s fault. It is today’s reformulated detergents that can leave dishware cloudy.

New OxiClean® Dishwashing Booster supercharges your detergent with tough stainfighters so your dishes will be cleaner and your glasses sparklier than when using detergent alone.

Posted 1/31/2013

10 Pack, Wallclaw Anchor, Hammer In Drywall, No Drilling Required, Holds 90 LB, Industrial Strength, Screws Included, Works In Both 1/2" & 5/8" Drywall, Removable, Leaves Very Small Slit Hole.

Posted 12/15/2012

New models from Weber grills have arrived.

Posted 11/9/2012



Posted 8/7/2012


Flex Seal, Liquid Rubber Sealant Spray


Posted 12/12/11 Updated 12/14/2012


Toys by Go Cat Toys



Da Bird with Rod

Posted 11/22/11

Indoor Stink Bug Trap



nth Solutions’ Original Indoor Stink Bug Trap is the first commercially available product designed specifically for use in homes and businesses. The patent pending trap quickly and quietly attracts and kills these annoying and bad smelling insects. Easily set up in minutes, the trap is completely safe for use around people and pets.

Posted 9/20/11



Reusable Stink Bug Trap, With 2 Week Attractant, Comes With 2 Attracstiks In A Foil Pouch, Use Both Attracstiks At The Same Time, 1 Yellow & 1 Green, Secure Attracstiks On The Cone By Hanging On The Pegs & Securing With The Included Collar, Collar Provides Escape Prevention & Is Treated With A Very Slippery Coating That Stink Bugs Cannot Navigate, Place The Trap Outdoors Late May Through September So That The Lower Panels Make Contact With Garden Vegetation, Will Trap Nymphs That Only Crawl & Flying Adults, Use With Stink Bug Attractant #Sbta-Db12.


Posted 8/4/11

We have two new items for removing odors and for mold control.  These items can be found in our paint department.

To view an article on mold control, click on the image below.


Posted 5/3/11


Click on image below to see larger format.

Posted 4/5/11

Repair your squeaky floors from above the loose surface... this Patented system eliminates the need to pull up expensive carpet or other floor coverings!
checkmark.gif (963 bytes)Save time and aggravation
checkmark.gif (963 bytes)Easy to use on any surface including through carpet at the flooring support joust.
checkmark.gif (963 bytes)Only a power drill is needed... just watch the below video for an overview of the squeak repair steps.

Squeeeeek No More was specifically designed for making repairs where access to the joist and subfloor is limited or unavailable, making second story repairs a breeze to complete. Stop squeaks with this specialty screw designed to "break-away" at the scored point.

Squeeeek No More snap off screwsWith the patented Squeeeeek No More system, you can make your repair right thru carpeting and hardwood floors without pulling up your expensive wall-to-wall carpet or damaging the hardwood flooring. It's the perfect Worksaver for eliminating second story flooring squeaks.


Posted 2/14/11


This unique product provides both pre=emergent and post-emergents control of both grassy and broadleaf weeds- including nutsedge, goosegrass, ground ivy, and others. Systematic action from the leaves down and the roots up inhibits cell division and disrupts photosynthesis. Works equally well on cool and warm season grasses. WEEK BEATER COMPLETE is a synergistic combination of Prodiamine and Sulfentrazone. Exhibits excellent cool weather performance.

Posted 2/14/11


Posted 2/4/11

Posted 2/4/11

Star Tron Gasoline Additive 8 oz.

Star Tron Gasoline Additive 8 oz.
Product Number: #14308
  •   Unique enzyme formula improves performance of all engines
  •   Improves fuel economy
  •   Reduces emissions
  •   Cleans entire fuel delivery system from tank to injectors and combustion chambers
  •   Removes carbon deposits and prevents future deposits
  •   Ideal for ethanol-blended gasoline
  •   Stabilizes gasoline for up to one year
  •   A "tune-up in a bottle"

Posted 1/29/11


Keurig, Special Edition B60, Black & White, Coffee Brewer, 1500W, Variable Brew Sizes: 6, 8 Or 10 OZ, Removable 48 OZ Water Reservoir, Removable Drip Tray, Programmable LCD Control Center, Programmable Turn On & Turn Off, Brew Temperature Control.

Posted 11/16/10

Perfect for the bedroom or office, the EdenPURE 500 watt personal heater moves easily from room to room. Our Personal Heater heats any space up to 300 square feet.

Posted 11/16/10

Milwaukee 2411-22 M12 Compact Hammer Drill Kit


Posted 11/11/10


Imperial Blades mm300, mm150, mm250, mm730

Available in singles, 3 packs, or 10 packs

Posted 11/11/10

Posted 10/22/10


Instant Power® Hair & Grease Drain Opener

Dissolves Hair and Clogs Fast!

Our Instant Power Hair and Grease Drain Opener is the solution for the most common drain stoppages.

This unique formulation dissolves hair clogs from bathroom drains and creates heat to melt grease from kitchen sinks. This is the strongest non-acid formulation on the market, 20 times stronger than common drain openers.

We recommend that Hair & Grease be allowed to stay in the drain overnight.

The longer it remains in the drain the more drain clogging material it will dissolve.

Posted 10/21/10 sjo



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