“Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon. July 1969 AD. We came in peace for all mankind.” – Neil Armstrong.

Well, July may not mean a walk on the moon for us and we may not be able to create peace for mankind, but we can create our own peace in and out of our home. Many will be enjoying staycations this summer, many always love their own environment.

Simple Green® cleaner

We can keep things clean with Simple Green® cleaner. This powerful cleanser and degreaser is EPA Safer Choice Certified. It’s effective and environmentally safe and great for cleaning counters, carpet, floors, fabric, vehicles, equipments and more.


Helping you with fresh and clean laundry is a big 46 ounce jug of Tide® at a super price during July. Tide has been the best selling detergent in the U. S. for 68 years because over the years, Tide has continuously evolved its formulas adding stain-fighting enzymes and color-safe bleach to their detergents to boost its cleaning power.

Downy® Liquid Fabric Softener

Downy® Liquid Fabric Softener is also on sale. Fabrics just feel better when you use Downy Fabric Softener. Downy infuses clothes with wonderful softness, freshness, protection and even better- it’s easy to use.  For instructions on how to use Downy in various washing machine types from front loaders and top loaders, Click Here.

Raid® Wasp & Hornet Killer

Keep your outdoor space free of wasps and hornets with Raid® Wasp and Hornet Killer.  Raid Wasp & Hornet Killer allows you to spray up to 22 feet, killing the entire nest.The best time of day is early morning when most of the wasps will be inside the nest and activity is at a minimum. Exit area immediately and remain outside the treated area until all sprays have dried. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.

LitezAll® 4000 tactical flashlight

The LitezAll® 4000 tactical flashlight packs a powerful punch with up to 4000 max lumens!  For emergencies and for times when you need really bright illumination (like under the sink, attics, basement, back yard at night) you should really have the Litezall 4000 tactical flashlight. It is on sale in July for incredible savings: $20 LESS than Amazon’s price. This flashlight features 3 brightness modes of 4000, 1984 and 300 max lumens, a focus beam and is constructed of aerospace aluminum.

16 packs of Energizer Max® Alkaline AA or AAA batteries

16 packs of Energizer Max® Alkaline AA or AAA batteries are also on sale so you can keep your new Litezall tactical flashlight ready to go, along with toys, remotes, computer mouse, etc.

Suncast® Hideaway Hose Reel

We can’t talk about summer without mentioning hoses and the dreaded hose kinks. But having kinks in your garden hose doesn’t mean you have to get a new hose. The Suncast® Hideaway Hose Reel is on sale during July. It  keeps your garden hose neat and organized when not in use. The simple design will complement most outdoor settings while concealing your hose and protect it from the sun. Constructed of durable resin, this hose reel is easy to maintain and built to last.

Enjoy a pleasant summer at your own home. Have a picnic, grow an herb garden, sit around a fire pit, make a tie dye shirt, have a water balloon fight, nap outside, have a BBQ on your Weber grill, porch sit, watch fireflies, pick flower bouquets, enjoy fresh vegetables from your garden, watch birds at your bird feeder, run through the sprinkler and just relax. Stop in Longenecker’s for ideas and items to help you amuse yourself at home.