Feb 2024 Specials

Hibernation Help: Must Have items for Winter If you are not one who enjoys the freezing temps, darkness and quiet of winter, just make a trip to Longenecker’s because we can help you ride out Old … Read more about Feb 2024 Specials

Jan 2024 Specials

Money Saving Tips for the New Year Money-saving tips for the new year include keeping track of your monthly cash flow — your income minus your expenditures. This step will also make it easier to … Read more about Jan 2024 Specials

Dec 2023 Specials

December was originally the 10th month of the Roman calendar (until 153 BC). Hence, “December” comes from the Latin decem, meaning “ten.” In Roman times, the calendar only had 10 months. In our … Read more about Dec 2023 Specials

Nov 2023 Specials

November is a month between Halloween pumpkins and the cold winter of the holiday season. It’s time we think about Thanksgiving turkey dinners and more importantly, to reflect on what we are thankful … Read more about Nov 2023 Specials

Sep 2023 Specials

Put away that pitcher of lemonade and trade it for a gallon of apple cider. Put away the flip flops and get out a sweater. Cover the pool and grab a rake. Change your entrance flower pots from pink to … Read more about Sep 2023 Specials

Aug 2023 Specials

Things You Should Do in August, Inside and Out You may be spending every last minute outside enjoying this steamy weather, or maybe you’re choosing to stay in air conditioning during these dog days … Read more about Aug 2023 Specials

Jun 2023 Specials

VACATION OR STAYCATION? Let the fun officially begin because everyone knows summer is absolutely the best season! School is out, vacations begin, beaches, mountains, Father’s Day, pool parties, … Read more about Jun 2023 Specials

May 2023 Specials

Did you ever drive someone’s yard and comment how nicely it’s kept? Lush green grass mowed well with neatly trimmed edges. Or maybe you noticed the flower garden or a particularly cheerful entrance … Read more about May 2023 Specials

Apr 2023 Specials

April showers help us blossom – and we can start the work to make our gardens bloom too and make our lawns thick and lush. We have many items at fantastic prices during April to help you beautify your … Read more about Apr 2023 Specials

Mar 2023 Specials

Spring! We are all anticipating warm sunny weather. We are anxiously planning our gardens and landscaping, Spring house cleaning, refreshing our homes with a fresh coat of paint, and updating our … Read more about Mar 2023 Specials

Feb 2023 Specials

Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Ash Wednesday, and lots of chilly days in between make up February. If you find your mood dreary with the weather and darker days, just take a stroll … Read more about Feb 2023 Specials