ScotchBlue™ multi-use painter’s tape

If March comes in like a lion, then take the opportunity to paint inside. This month ScotchBlue™ multi-use painter’s tape is on sale, in various widths. And our 6 ft. Louisville® aluminum folding Ladder is at a special low price so you can reach those high places. This commercial grade ladder has a maximum weight of 225 lbs. You’ll be glad you have it when warm weather arrives as it will be handy to reach gutters, trim branches, wash windows and more.

WD-40® lubricant

Good old WD-40® lubricant is on sale during March. Everyone needs to have this handy. Sure it’s a lubricant, but you can’t imagine it’s many other uses! For instance,  it removes tar, tree sap and bird droppings from vehicle exteriors. It removes crayon from walls, cleans scuff marks off ceramic floors, removes fingerprints off stainless steel appliances, keeps garden tools rust-free, keeps hose ends from corroding, cleans and softens paintbrushes, and even keeps bugs at bay if you spray it on windowsills. 

Wild Bird Food

Flowers and trees are beginning to bloom and the weather is changing. Spring is arriving bringing with it beauty and joy. The birds have started their migration.  Winter and early spring are the most important times to feed birds, as this is when their natural food is scarce. Feeding birds in the spring may help them to raise their chicks more successfully. We have 20 lb. of Wild Bird Food on sale or get 8 lb. of Birders’ Blend Bird Food for under $10 during March. We also carry a wide variety of bird foods including meal worms, plus bird feeders and squirrel feeders.

Scot® 4 Step® program

For a gorgeous, thick, greener lawn, Scot® 4 Step® program is on sale this month with an added bonus. First, if  you buy all four steps, you can save up to $150 with instant rebates. The bonus is if you buy the 5,000 sq. ft. 4 step program, in addition to instant rebates, you get a $10 Longenecker’s Gift Card.  If you buy the 15,000 sq. ft. 4 step program, you will receive a $25 Longenecker’s Gift Card. Come buy it today while supplies last and the bonuses are in effect.

Patchmaster Turf Builder for sun & shade

You can save big this month on many other outside products to help you make your lawn and garden the oasis you desire. These include Round Up, GrubEx, Miracle Grow, and Patchmaster Turf Builder for sun & shade.

If you need seed spreaders or rototillers or any lawn and garden equipment, check out our rental equipment catalog on our web site, where you can reserve the equipment online.

Stop in our greenhouse to see our beautiful selection of Spring plants and flowers. Spring’s joyousness is heralded in our housewares and home decor departments as well.

Don’t miss our wide ranging selection of grills and smokers. While Spring ushers in the season with fresh flowers, green grass, and sunshine, nothing is better after a Spring day of gardening or cleaning then the smell of a delicious meal on the grill. We hope you embrace everything Spring has to offer.