May is a favorite month of so many because it brings new life, new colors, sunshine, warmth, and promises for a wonderful summer. And May is time for anticipation. Anticipating your summer gardens, weed-free lawns, vacation or stay-cation plans, sports, picnics, holidays, parties, grilling menus and all the fun summer will bring.

But May is also a time for outdoor chores so let’s get our hands dirty. Whether panting veggies, flower gardens, decorative pots, or just keeping an attractive lawn, weeds can be a problem. There are literally thousands of weed species in existence and about 25-30 of them can be found even in well-maintained turf. This month Longenecker’s has items to help you feed your lawn and garden with nutrients they need, as well as products to get rid of weeds.

Scotts® Weed & Feed

Use Scotts® Weed & Feed on your lawn for thick green, beautiful turf. It’s on sale during May and guarantees to clear clover and dandelions out of your lawn.

Preen® Extended Control Weed Preventer

And oh those weeds! Why do they grow so much faster than our other plants? Well, one solution is to apply Preen® Extended Control Weed Preventer right now to stop weeds before they start. Get it on sale and apply immediately to stop/prevent weeds for 3 months.

Round Up® Weed/Grass Killer Concentrate

For your garden edges, around your sidewalk and driveway apply Round Up® Weed/Grass Killer Concentrate. This month you can buy it in concentrated form at Longenecker’s Hardware and get a $4 rebate.

All Purpose Miracle Grow® potting mix

To help the plants in container gardens grow lush and bloom better, great gardeners recommend using All Purpose Miracle Grow® potting mix. Your plants will bloom twice as big!

GE®, 2 Pack, 15W, bright white flood LED light bulbs

After you’ve improved your curb appeal, highlight your home in the evenings with floodlights. The GE®, 2 Pack, 15W, bright white flood LED light bulbs are on sale. Rated for 10,000 hours used at 3 hrs a day. These bulbs have a lamp, reflector, and pressed lens inside the lamp to provide directional lighting.

Kingsford Original

After a day of chores, relax and grill a meal using Kingsford® Charcoal. Made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients, including North American wood, Kingsford Original gives BBQ lovers the smoky wood-fired flavor they crave. You can get a two-pack of Kingsford – that’s 40 lbs! – at a special price during May and have that extra bag ready for Memorial Day. That’s a real bargain!

Traeger and Weber grills

We have a wide selection of Traeger and Weber grills and smokers in stock. Whatever your budget or needs, it’s time to invest in the best grill brands so you can create many mouth-watering meals this summer for family and friends.

HTH® Algae Guard

As you prepare for summer fun and open your swimming pool, don’t let algae in your pool spoil your plans. HTH® Algae Guard kills and prevents all types of algae blooms and is compatible with all swimming pools. You can get back in the swim 15 minutes after application.

Vacmaster® Wet/Dry vac

A Vacmaster® Wet/Dry vac is on sale this month at Longenecker’s. The 5-gallon size is the perfect size for all kinds of tasks around the house, whether it’s liquid spills in the home or vacuuming cheerios or sand out of the car. 

We hope you enjoy the merry month of May and all your fun plans come to fruition.