Things You Should Do in August, Inside and Out

You may be spending every last minute outside enjoying this steamy weather, or maybe you’re choosing to stay in air conditioning during these dog days of summer. There’s plenty to do this month both indoors and out, from gardening duties to keeping the house cool to getting ready for back to school.

Filtrete® Allergen Defense Air Filters

Summer heat can put strain on your air conditioning unit, causing electricity bills to rise, or costly repairs. But if you give your HVAC system a little TLC, it will reward you with years of continued service. Change out the disposable air filter on your air conditioner and give the condenser fan a good cleaning to keep it in peak condition. Filtrete® Allergen Defense Air Filters are on sale at Longenecker’s Hardware during August.

Sterlite® 18 gallon storage totes

If your closets and garage are a mess, it may mean you just have too much stuff. Sort through your items and decide which is to be donated, which is clutter and needs to go to the curb, and which just needs organization. Sterlite® 18 gallon storage totes are on sale at Longenecker’s  in August for just this reason. Totes are also handy for packing kids up for college. We also have bargain pricing on The Smarter Hook® utility hooks and hangers that expand your hanging space in closets.

Prepare your deck

Prepare your deck for snow and ice by doing repairs such as popped nails and loose boards. Then clean it and seal it now with a moisture proof sealant, if you didn’t do it last Spring. Coincidentally, we have everything you need for this chore: Tools, nails, power washers, and sealant. Do this on a regular basis and your deck will last many years.

Stay cool in the AC and paint a kitchen, bedroom or hallway. Our EasyCare® paint and primer in one is at the crazy low price of $32.99 per gallon. It’s high hiding, high durability, stain resistant, fade resistant, scrubbable, low odor and low VOC. There’s no reason not to paint at this price! Just pick your color and have fun creating a fresh new look for the coming months when you’ll spend more time inside.

Save your seeds

For gardeners, it’s time to harvest and store seeds for next year. Save your seeds now, and you’ll have everything you need for next spring’s garden. Save seeds only from heirloom, self-pollinated, or openly pollinated plants – not hybrids. Once flower heads have dried out – either naturally or by cutting flowers and hanging them in a dry place, remove seeds.  Once veggies are ripe, let the seeds dry in pods for beans and peas. Harvest other seeds from ripe or overripe fruit, collect the seeds, wash them, and dry them on a glass plate away from direct sunlight. Be sure to stow the little budget-savers in small brown kraft envelopes which protect seeds from light and don’t forget to label your envelopes.

August is also the best month for home gardeners

August is also the best month for home gardeners to begin drying and freezing home-grown herbs for winter storage. Pick your leaves early in the day, before it’s too hot. For best results, start early in August. Basil, parsley, and dill do better when stored frozen. Sage, oregano, and mint taste best when air- or oven-dried. If you are canning and freezing fruit and vegetables, stop in our houseware department for supplies and cookbooks.

We carry a variety of Barons sportswear

And if you need a comfortable camp chair to watch local sports or to get in a few more weekend camping trips, we have Four Seasons Courtyard® green deluxe sports chairs and blue oversized padded quad armchairs on sale during August. And for Manheim Central fans, we carry a variety of Barons sportswear, including sweatshirts and pj’s.

Last days of summer

Don’t forget to have lots of fun during these last days of summer. Swim, have a picnic, grill a new recipe, blow some bubbles, catch lightning bugs, eat fresh peaches, make some jam, try a new ice cream flavor and smile. August won’t last nearly long enough.