May 2024 Specials

FLOWER GARDENING TIPS When should I prune lilac bushes? What’s the best manure to add to my soil? What’s a perennial vs. an annual? These and similar questions are common among new gardeners. Maybe … Read more about May 2024 Specials

May 2023 Specials

Did you ever drive someone’s yard and comment how nicely it’s kept? Lush green grass mowed well with neatly trimmed edges. Or maybe you noticed the flower garden or a particularly cheerful entrance … Read more about May 2023 Specials

May 2022 Specials

May is a favorite month of so many because it brings new life, new colors, sunshine, warmth, and promises for a wonderful summer. And May is time for anticipation. Anticipating your summer gardens, … Read more about May 2022 Specials